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For Ordinary,
Extraordinary Women

Launching in print in 2018


20 Questions: Olivia Healy


Finding Olivia Healy’s Instagram account was a case of love at first sight. At first glance, it’s the bright colours and striking form of the characters she paints that catch the eye; on deeper inspection a detailed, sensitive world emerges. Playing with notions of gender, the figures in her work are powerful, empowering and vulnerable, resplendent in nature and often mythical – pretty much like any good femme!

In short, if paintings can possess wisdom… then Olivia’s have it in spades. Meet Ash’s current favourite artist – we can’t wait to feature her work in print.

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“Fight the fear if you believe in your art": Phoebe Montague, 100 Women I Know

If we’re talking about positive role models (check our recent hashtag campaign), it’s difficult to think of a better example of one than Phoebe Montague of 100 Women I Know. Phoebe kindly talked us though the making of her award-winning short film about rape, better understanding consent, art as therapy and the importance of just putting yourself out there and getting shit done. Essential reading!

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Throw away the rule book: solo travelling

It’s unfortunate that we are still living in a time where we immediately think ‘danger’ when we think of a woman solo travelling.

You’re going somewhere alone – a restaurant, the cinema, a bar? Madness! Are we programmed to think that holidays should be taken with someone else?



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