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Yay, it’s Equal Pay Day 2018.

Friday November 10, is Equal Pay Day 2018, the day in the year when women effectively start to work for free. Think that sounds sucky? Well, it is. As the Fawcett Society, together with employment law charity YESS Law and former BBC China Editor Carrie Grace, announce the launch of a new Equal Pay Advice Service, we run through everything you need to know.

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Demystifying investment with Lisa Boden: "Women need to be empowered and encouraged to put themselves forward."

Investor Lisa Boden explains that the 100 or so she receives every year are almost always from men. Men who want investment to launch a new festival; men who want investment for an impossible app; and men who want investment for the next sure to be Oscar-winning feature film. With only 9% of funding into start-ups in the UK going to women-run businesses, it's about time we demystified investment.

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